In January 2013, the ASPCA awarded Shelter Outreach Services with a grant that enabled the creation of a part time Medical Director postion. "SOS celebrated our 10th Anniversary earlier this summer. While the program has grown into an exemplary program and a model on a national level, after 10 years, SOS was due for internal improvements and updates. SOS is such a large program now, servicing the entire Finger Lakes area as well as enhancing the education of Cornell veterinary students, that another administrative position was essential," said Dr. Leslie Appel, Executive Director of SOS.

     Dr. Christy Cable graciously accepted appointment to the newly created position shortly after receiving the ASPCA grant. "The mission to help end companion animal overpopulation has been a passion of mine for over 10 years," said Dr. Cable.

     This position is new to SOS, but the past 6 months have demonstrated how important the position is to the organization. Dr. Cable describes the improvements to the organization as a result of her work as, "[ing to] keep our organization running efficiently and has allowed us to continue on with our mission of ending companion animal overpopulation while providing the highest quality veterinary care." She cites improved communication with partering shelters, assistance with training of volunteers (the life blood of the organization), creation of an operations manual and improvement of medical records systems as only a few of the changes implemented or in process as a result of her new position and the ASPCA grant.

     Dr. Appel says the new Medical Director position, "has ensured that SOS continues to offer the highest quality care, while also adjusting our protocols as needed in order to be progressive. [It] has also helped all of staff, volunteers and shelter partners take a look at the clinics, and 'get back to basics' where necessary and has ensured that core SOS policies and procedures are followed."

     Partnering shelters have noticed and appreciate the improvements in SOS, as well. Georgie Taylor, President of the Humame Society Schuyler County, said, "...We have found the addition of the position of Medical Director of great benefit. Dr. Cable, well qualified for this position, has worked with our volunteers to ensure that each team follows the same practices and performs assigned duties in an informed and consistent manner. Dr. Cable is not only a very experienced surgeon in her own right, but she is also an excellent teacher."

     "Having a Medical Director for SOS has truly made the program stronger and has ensured HQHVSN for all of our patients. Thank you to the ASPCA for making this important position possible for SOS!" said Dr. Appel.


helter Outreach Services (SOS) is dedicated to improving the quality of life and decreasing suffering for companion animals by stemming over-population through high quality, high volume spay/neuter clinics for animals in need.


elcome to our new Medical Director and a special thanks to the ASPCA - see our 'new' NEWS page!